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play "After Hamlet"

original title Po Hamlecie 
original language Polish 
playwright Jerzy Zurek
title of translation After Hamlet 
language of translation English 
translator Michal Kobialka
synopsis The play uses Shakespeare’s Hamlet as the background for its plot. Fortinbras is chosen as the main character of the play. Fortinbras and Lizon, the Governor General of Norway, watch a rehearsal by a group of actors who are later dispatched to Denmark to stage the Ghost of Hamlet’s father as a covert operation designed to stir up trouble between Hamlet and Claudius. Fortinbras, who is by nature sensitive, cannot accept such double-dealing as the sole basis for governing and holding power and decides to run away to England. He is aided by his friend Grothe. But Lizon’s agents and spies are everywhere, and informed of Fortinbras’ plan of escape the Governor General decides to use it as an excuse to eliminate the heir to the Norwegian throne. He wants to make himself and his son Vic rulers of Denmark, and then Norway and England. When his plot fails and his son is killed, Lizon resolves to turn Fortinbras into the chief tool of his conspiracy. But first he must kill Grothe, the only person capable of remaining Fortinbras of his previous ideals of justice and truth. When Fortinbras realizes the treacherous methods of the Governor General, it is too late for him to disentangle himself from the web of deceit. The final scene, taken directly from Shakespeare’s Hamlet, shows Fortnibras’ failure to achieve the position of an independent ruler. He has lost any change of putting his naïve beliefs into practice and becomes a puppet in the game of which Lizon is the principal manipulator. 
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