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play "Cockroaches"

original title Karaluchy 
original language Polish 
playwright Stanislaw Witkiewicz
title of translation Cockroaches 
language of translation English 
translator Jadwiga Kosicka
Daniel Gerould
synopsis A mysterious menace threatens a town. While the young hero Peter is sleeping, his friend Jacob and the Priest notice a strange gray object in the sky drawing closer and closer. They wake Peter, a naturalist, who identifies the ominous cloud as a gang of cockroaches from America. Peter alerts King on Gold Street as the cockroaches start their attack on the people's houses. Off-stage the peasants cry "cockroaches"  in fear, and the barking of a dog can be heard. In a final short scene of carnage, a last-minute salvation is effected. The King chops up the cockroaches with his sword and the pug-dog bites the remaining ones and has the last word: "bow-wow." 
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