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play "The Anonymous Work"

original title Bezimienne dzielo 
original language Polish 
playwright Stanislaw Witkiewicz
title of translation The Anonymous Work 
language of translation English 
translator Daniel Gerould
synopsis The main character of the play is a bewildered artist-intellectual, Plasmonic Blodestaug. He gets caught in the midst of two  revolutions -- the first, from above, a coup d'etat in the name of the mystical sect of Grizzloviks, and the second, from below, the true "Anonymous Work", with a gravedigger at the head of a mob in black pointed caps. Finally, the hero murders his only love, the demonic red-haired composer Rosa von der Plaast, so that he can return to jail forever. He realizes that there are only two places left for metaphysiacal individuals like himself: prison or insane asylum. 
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