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play "The Third Breast"

original title Trzecia piers 
original language Polish 
playwright Ireneusz Iredynski
title of translation The Third Breast 
language of translation English 
translator Sylvia Daneel
synopsis Two men, George and Thomas, are members of a religious commune in the jungle. They discuss the beautiful founder, Eva, who despite tendencies to suicide is the spiritual center of the commune. She is the sexual partner of both men at times and has recently grown a third breast. Eva, distressed by this ‘anomaly’ feels that George should kill two members who know about its presence. He should do it “for the good of the commune”.  Thomas persuades George to do the murders. George realizing that Thomas also knows about the offending breast threatens to hang Thomas if he doesn’t not make a tape falsely confessing to his betrayal of the commune. The tape is made and George promptly hangs Thomas anyway. In act V, we learn that Eva has gone to the city and had the third breast removed. In her absence, George rules the commune as absolute dictator with the help of elite guars. Eva wants her relations with George and the commune as a whole normalized. George declines normalization as beyond reclamation and regards Eva as drab in her new two-breasted form. At the close, he suggests a walk in the jungle, but Eva is afraid to go with him. 
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