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play "Slim Voice"

original title Slim Voice 
original language Polish 
playwright Leszek Prorok
title of translation Slim Voice 
language of translation English 
translator Marcus Wheeler
synopsis A group of canoeists returns to the jetty of their holiday camp. There is one person missing—Frank.  The instructor organizes a search party. Frank, who has drifted into the reeds, has met a girl who accuses him of watching her sunbathing in the nude.  The girl's accusation is clearly groundless because Frank is blind.  She feels ashamed of herself and tries to overcome the feeling of guilt by talking to him.  Gradually, they charm each other; he by her delicate slim voice, she by his subtlety.  Frank, however, must return to the camp, but he feels that he must see her again. He asks the instructor whether he sees anyone swimming in the lake, but there is nothing in the water except the reeds waving in the breeze.

1 act, 2 settings 
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