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play "Auschwitz Oratorio"

original title Oratorium oswiecimskie 
original language Polish 
playwright Alina Nowak
title of translation Auschwitz Oratorio 
language of translation English 
translator A Furdyna
synopsis Alternating between a chorus of women speaking in verse and the character of a midwife, the play recites the grinding horror of the maternity barracks at Auschwitz.  The verse deals with a range of subjects; the physical conditions of disease and deprivation, the metaphysical terror of the camp, and the endless murders of mothers and new-born infants.  The midwife, Stanis³awa Leszczyrfska who was herself a prisoner, gives us straight testimony on the particulars of life in the barracks.  For example, before 1943 new-born infants were drowned in a rain barrel and fed to the rats by the medical staff.  After May of that year, they were either nationalized if Aryan types, or left to starve at the milkless breasts of their mothers.

Verse drama
1 act, 11 scenes, 1 setting 
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