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play "To Pick Up The Rose"

original title Aby podniesc roze 
original language Polish 
playwright Andrzej Trzebinski
world premiere 1970
original represented by
Instytut Wydawniczy PAX
mail: Warsaw
title of translation To Pick Up The Rose 
language of translation English 
translator Daniel Gerould
synopsis A boxing champion, world chess master, professor of sociology, and mysterious woman are caught in the game room of a cosmopolitan hotel during a revolution. While shots can be heard from the street, the chess master and boxing champion play ping-pong to pass the time. Irritated at being ignored, Oblivia, the professor’s attractive companion, throws the ping-pong ball out of the window. Since there are no more balls and the revolution in the street prevents their retrieving the one that was thrown out, the players hit on the expedient of continuing the game without a ball, on the analogy of chess without pieces. Soon they become totally engrossed in the imaginary game. When the right-hand man of one of the rival dictators who are battling for power arrives, he regards the ping=pong game without a ball as suspicious camouflage for a plot. The four in the room are threatened with being shot instantly as members of a spy ring. In order to save themselves, the players succeed in enticing the first dictator into the game. Eventually, both he and his political rival become gripped by the fantasy and end up on opposite sides of the table, playing ping-pong without a ball. Two characters escape from the world of make-believe. Oblivia commits suicide by throwing herself out of the same window through which she had thrown the ball. Professor Arioni takes over the role and identity of the nationalist dictator, and goes down into the street to seize power, while like marionettes the tow former dictators continue their insane game.

3 acts, 1 setting 
further information click here
Instytut Wydawniczy PAX
mail: Warsaw
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