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play "The Funeral Convoy"

original title Kondukt 
original language Polish 
playwright Bohdan Drozdowski
world premiere 1961
original represented by
mail: Warsaw
title of translation The Funeral Convoy 
language of translation English 
translator John Richards
synopsis A truck is taking the body of a young miner killed in an accident to be buried in his native village. On the way, the truck breaks down and the people in it decide to carry the coffin through the woods on foot. They include two young miners who were friends of the deceased, and two delegates of management (an engineer and a party representative). Accidentally involved with them is a young girl whom they had given a lift. The atmosphere becomes more and more strained while they walk through the woods in their formal suits and tight shoes, and both social and personal conflicts come to a head.  After a series of verbal and even physical skirmishes, the dramatic climax comes when they are informed that the family has no wish to accept the coffin. They decide to proceed to the village and arrange the funeral themselves. They shake the dust off their feet, arrange their clothes. The funeral procession continues. 
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mail: Warsaw
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