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play "Freja, Cold Godess of Love"

original title Freja, zimna bogini milosci 
original language Polish 
playwright Leszek Prorok
world premiere 1976
original represented by
Zaklad Narodowy im Ossolinskich
mail: Warsaw
title of translation Freja, Cold Godess of Love 
language of translation English 
translator Marcus Wheeler
synopsis Dr. Hassbach arrives at the hospital where he is supposed to meet and question Agnes Sielska. He has been sent to Poland as a representative of the German government whose interests he is to protect against any unwarranted claims of people who suffered from the Nazis during the Second World War. His questions set off painful memories in Agnes who, before she was sent to the concentration camp at Ravensbruck where she was used as a guinea pig in medical experiments, had spent two years at Freya.  Freya was the name of a villa somewhere in Germany where girls with Nordic features were used to “produce” a race of perfect human beings. Hassbach is shocked after hearing Agnes’ story and tries to offer an apology for the infamous crimes of his nation. Agnes, however, does not expect him to do so, since she feels that her experience should not evoke feelings of guilt, but rather should be a constant reminder to succeeding generations of how human beings could be degraded by other human beings. 
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