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play "The System of Jensen the Priest, or Entry and Exit"

original title System ksiedza Jensena albo Wejscie i Wyjscie 
original language Polish 
playwright Leszek Kolakowski
title of translation The System of Jensen the Priest, or Entry and Exit 
language of translation English 
translator Nicholas Bethell
synopsis Six parties are waiting to be received by a mysterious dentist in a large waiting room attended by a receptionist. They have been waiting for a very long time but almost nothing happens. They try to explain to themselves the system according to which the dentist receives his patients. The play is a symbolic comment on speculations on the after-life, on religious systems as well as on bureaucracy. Various attitudes are depicted from the naïve and blind faith of young Eve, through the optimistic fallacious pseudo-rational idealism of father Jensen, to the disbelieving materialist’s attitude of young Andrew.

Farce; 2 acts, 1 set 
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