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play "Helver's Night"

original title Noc Helvera 
original language Polish 
playwright Ingmar Villqist
title of translation Helver's Night 
language of translation English 
translator Jacek Laskowski
synopsis Helver's Night - is an expressionist drama about the relationship between Karla, a chaperon, and her charge, retarded Helver. Helver is fascinated by fascism, not by the ideology, which he is unable to grasp, but by the show-off dimension of this ideology. In the end he becomes a victim of this fascination. What starts of general and historical, and diverts into absurdist power games between the elder woman and the young boy, eventually narrows down its focus to give us an individual end to two individual stories. The play is an intimate portrayal of the despair of two people, exiled from a society now bent on their destruction, and painfully exiled from each other by the same dreams and longings, which have thrown them together. On the eve of a political uprising, which recalls the midnight \'round up\' of the Jews by the SS, a childless mother, and a motherless child, seek their happiness first in the oppression and then the salvation of each other. 
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