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play "Farewell Judas"

original title Zegnaj Judaszu 
original language Polish 
playwright Ireneusz Iredynski
title of translation Farewell Judas 
language of translation English 
translator Sylvia Daneel
Jean Reavey
synopsis Judas and John wait for assignments from their chief in the underground organization. They are in a deserted gym visited only by the Pale Young Girl, “a pure but almost prostituted” daughter of a janitor. To kill time, they go out for a beer. In the meantime, Piotr, their superior, comes to the gym. When the others finally come back he starts to interrogate Judas who is suspected of having given away members of the organization to the police. Although Judas tries to convince him that he was loyal and did not betray them, Piotr doesn’t believe him and compels John to tie him up to get his testimony by using force if necessary.  They are just about to proceed when the police enter. Only Judas survives. The commissioner, who remembers Judas from the time when he was imprisoned, tries to bribe him to reveal the hiding place of the chief. Finally, Judas takes them to the headquarters of the organization. Three months later, Judas and the Pale Young Girl meet at the gym again. He has just returned from a luxurious vacation. They plan their life in the future. Judas tries to find justification for his treason and his salvation. However, it doesn’t bring him peace. Judas hangs himself. The commissioner enters. It is revealed that the girl has been working for him and her meeting with Judas was just a ply to undo him. 
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