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play "Fox Hunt"

original title Polowanie na lisa 
original language Polish 
playwright Slawomir Mrozek
title of translation Fox Hunt 
language of translation English 
translator Jacek Laskowski
synopsis Fox Hunt is a richly allusive political parable about the shifting tides of power and the fate of those caught in the crosscurrents. In the new egalitarian regime, all the people -- an not simply kings and nobles -- have the right to hunt. In fact, every one is required to go hunting, even Uncle, a sick old man in a wheelchair who does not know how to shoot and would prefer to stay home. The result of such \"democratic\" hunting on a mass scale is that there are no more wild animals left in the forest, except for one last fox desperately trying to save his hide. This fox -- a clever barnyard bandit -- has therefore brought with him into the woods a rooster, a petty henhouse tyrant,  to serve as a decoy, hoping to convince the hunters that domestic animals would make good prey. The hunters are ready for the chase and urge the dogs on, the latter being bureaucrats with briefcases who keep careful count of the exact number of times they bark. Suddenly, in a surprising coup d\'etat denouement, the terrifying howling of a pack of wolves can be heard offstage. Evidently not all wild animals are extinct. As the wolves draw closer and closer, the hunters rush for home in panic, and Uncle, abandoned by all, fires his shothun twice wildly, accidentally killing both the fox and the rooster. 
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