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play "Handful of Dust"

original title Garsc piachu 
original language unknown 
playwright Jerzy Przezdziecki
title of translation Handful of Dust 
language of translation English 
translator Jan Conrad
synopsis The drama focuses on the life of an alcoholic deck-chair attendant, Geza, who occupies an isolated beach shack at a remote summer resort/spa. We discover him in Act I returning to his shack with a girl who will become one of his many successful, and not so successful, attempts at sexual conquest. We learn that Geza is a former national swimming champion, now turned would-be author, whose soaring athletic career crumbled to “a handful of dust” when he developed heart trouble. Through a series of relationships with friends, admirers, lovers, and acquaintances, we learn of his disillusionment with ambition, love, success, and ultimately himself. He is gradually engulfed by his hermetic existence and declining health.

Drama; 3 acts, 7 scenes 
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