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play "The Lighthouse of the Ginger Cat"

original title Latarnia pod rudym kotem 
original language Polish 
playwright Henryk Bardijewski
title of translation The Lighthouse of the Ginger Cat 
language of translation English 
translator Edward Rothert
synopsis A young girl, banished from the mainland as an alleged witch, lives alone with her cat on a little island as lighthouse keeper. One day two courtiers bring the king to hide there for the duration of a rebellion which has broken out in the country. For a  day and a night she is alone with the king, discussing problems of power politics and listening to his selfish and cynical pronouncements. The courtiers return to take the king away. The rebellion has been crushed, but a republic has been proclaimed. The king declares himself president and returns to take up his duties. The girl is left alone on the island, richer by the thought that people can feel less lonely only in moments of political upheavals.

Radio play 
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