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play "Grimm 79"

original title Grimm 79 
original language Polish 
playwright Henryk Bardijewski
title of translation Grimm 79 
language of translation English 
translator Jan Stachniewski
synopsis The play is set in a kingdom in which the subjects grow golden hair. Luke is expelled from the kingdom because he is bald. Having been given a golden wig he returns, but is punished again when he refuses to let the Chief hairdresser cut his hair. He is sentenced to remain a prisoner as long as it takes him to build a bridge over the ravine that isolates him from the rest of the kingdom. The devil comes to Luke to offer his help on the condition that the first person who crosses the bridge will belong to him. Luke agrees. Upon having heard that the bridge is finished, the King, the Marshall, the Chief Hairdresser, and the ladies come to see it. The King is supposed to cross the bridge first. Suddenly a small boy chasing a sheep goes over the bridge. Luke tries to make the devil abnegate the agreement, because the world would come to naught without children. It is they who can save the world, who can change the order of things, who are our hope for a better world. The devil agrees and the bridge collapses.

Radio fantasy 
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