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play "Martyrdom and Death"

original title Meczenstwo i smierc 
original language Polish 
playwright Maciej Karpinski
title of translation Martyrdom and Death 
language of translation English 
translator Michal Kobialka
synopsis Amadeus, a man who has been marked with stigmata by God, is detained by the police in a totalitarian state which accuses him of participating in a raid on police headquarters. The Conspirators, who are planning a revolution, decide to kidnap Amadeus and use him to gain the support of farmers and poor people. Amadeus is freed and appears to the people as a man chosen by God. Thanks to his preaching, The Conspirators overthrow the government. The moment the victory is realized, Amadeus becomes an undesirable symbol of revolution and is talked into leaving the country. After four years, he returns only to find that he has been charged by the new government with crossing the border illegally. Amadeus, who cannot understand the plots against him, visits some members of the new government to get their support to fight against the ludicrous accusation. No one seems to remember his contribution to the revolution. Embittered, Amadeus realizes that he has only been a pawn in a complicated game of chess between powerful players. The final move is the order to kill him. Amadeus is shot to death.

Parable, 2 acts, 17 scenes 
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