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playwright Izabela Filipiak


January 18, 2005 Doctorate in Humanities
Polish Academy of Sciences in Warsaw
Ph.D. thesis: Maria Komornicka and the Realms of Otherness
Thesis directed by Professor Maria Janion, Institute of Literary Research, Polish Academy of Sciences.

1999-2003 member of the seminar on the History of Polish Literature led by
Professor Maria Janion, Polish Academy of Sciences

1988-91 Graduate Center, City University of New York, audited courses in Women’s Studies Department
HB Studio, New York City, drama and playwriting courses
New York Institute of Technology, film-making

1986-7 Alliance Francaise, Paris, two-semester course in advanced French language and culture

July 18, 1986 M.Phil in Polish Studies
University of Gdańsk. Thesis: Death as Rape in the Poetry of Stanislaw Grochowiak. Directed by Professor Maria Janion.



The Provinces of Otherness, Słowo/obraz, Gdańsk 2005 (forthcoming). A 760 pages long presentation of Maria Komornicka, a superbly talented, tragic and elusive, presumably transgender author and her/his creative output in the context of the European Modernism, as well as a growing significance of gender, sexuality and ethnicity issues at the turn of the 19. and 20. centuries in Central Europe.

Księga Em (The Book of Em), TChU, Warsaw 2005. A full-length theatrical play inspired by life of Maria Komornicka, a turn-of-the-century writer (1876-1949) followed by an account of a 7-year long \"relationship\" with this author. More info in an essay by Elwira Grossman, Contemporary Theatre Review, Vol. 15 (1), 2005, 105-116.

Alma, Wydawnictwo Literackie, Krakow 2003. A novel set in the postindustrial landscape. A vagrant woman gives birth to a furry baby-girl who names herself Alma. The mother descends into the subterranean brothel to provide her daughter with a proper education.

Kultura obrażonych (Culture of the Insulted), Wyd. WAB, Warsaw 2003. A book made of press commentaries deconstructing subjects such as a gender alignment of national myths, a syntax of homophobia, a symbolic legacy of the new millennium, the Pope, an ideal of parity and the European Union, etc.

Madame Intuita, Wydawnictwo Nowy Swiat, Warsaw 2002. A volume of poetry.

Twórcze pisanie dla młodych panien (Creative Writing for Young Ladies), Wyd.WAB, Warsaw 1999. A book on creative writing. Several chapters are shaped into essays complete with reading and writing exercises. It has also been called the \"creative writing handbook for the Other\".

Niebieska menażeria (Blue Menagerie), Wyd. Sic!, Warsaw 1997. Fiction. Breaking down the boundaries between a novel and a collection of long stories, it makes the boundaries dissolve: between a human and animal world, a wish and a fact, memory and forgiveness.

Absolutna amnezja (Absolute Amnesia), a novel. Obserwator, Poznań, 1995. Subsequent editions: PIW, Warsaw 1998, tCHu 2006. A novel. Marianna, a 12-year old girl comes of age amongst the myths of struggle, independence and spurious romanticism. Professor Maria Janion, a preeminent scholar devoted a chapter to Absolute Amnesia in her book Kobiety i duch inności (Women and the Spirit of Difference, 1996).

Śmierć i spirala (Death and Spiral), Wydawnictwo A, Wroclaw 1991. A debut collection of New York gothic stories.

Performance, plays, editing, miscellanea:

Spring 2006 My Life as a Rabbit, one-act play, staged reading, BBRG in collaboration with Department of Theater, UC Berkeley.

Fall 2005 Siostra Marcjanna jedzie do Afryki (Sister Marcjanna goes to Africa), a participation in a collection of short/long stories about AIDS by contemporary Polish writers, W.A.B., Warsaw.

Spring 2005 Stage readings of The Book of Em in several settings such as the Center of Contemporary Art in Warsaw or Bunker of Art Gallery in Kraków.

June 2005 Appearing in the program \"Better Books\" on the cable TV channel Kultura presenting The Book of Em.

Fall 2004 \"Gracze\" (The Players), 10 x Miłość (10 x Love), participating in a collection of love stories by contemporary Polish writers, Bertelsmann, Warsaw 2004.

Spring 2003 DeMonstra, musical performance based on The Culture of Insulted, Galeria Off, Warsaw.

Dec. 6, 2002 Madame Intuita Trolley – a poetic trolley running in Warsaw followed by a musical event.

Dec. 2000, The Book of Em, staged reading in collaboration with Iowa International Writers Program at the New York Theater Workshop, New York.

Fall 2000 Publisher and editor: Inspirational Calendar 2001. The calendar included poems and work of my creative writing students at the Gender Studies Department of the University of Warsaw.

2000 Written up as a feminist mentor and role model in \"OŚKa (The Center for Women’s Information) Newsletter\", Warsaw.

Spring 1999 The Blue Dress Directing the performance of my students at the Contemporary Art Center at the Ujazdowski Castle, Warsaw.

1998 Izabela Filipiak, a 30-minutes interview, of what it means to be a writer, a lecturer, a historian, a feminist and a lesbian. The first interview of this kind in Poland, it was a part of the series Tabu, produced by Polsat, a private TV channel.

1997 Izabela Filipiak, a thirty minutes documentary staging parts of Absolutna Amnezja, produced by Channel 2 of the Polish Public Television.

May 1996 Izabela Filipiak, a 30-minutes documentary, a part of the series Skąd ta wrażliwość? (A certain sensibility), produced by the Polish Public Television.

May 1995 Izabela Filipiak – podwójna amnezja, a 30-minutes documentary taking my literary work as a subject, produced by the Polish Public Television, 1st pr.

1994 First literary press interview: \"Święta Łucja objawiła się w Prospect Parku\", Czas Kultury (Poznań), no 5,6 (1994).

1993 Staging and appearing in Hollywood, my one-act play, The Open Center, New York. Art exhibition of my paintings at the European Gallery, Staten Island.
A short one-woman performance presented at the first feminist conference in Poland, Kraków.

1984-86 Staging and directing several plays at the \"youth theater\" in Gdańsk, while still a student at the Gdańsk University, Poland.


2005 Ministry of Culture, Warsaw. A 6-month grant for developing a literary project.
2003 Kosciuszko Foundation, New York A 10-month appointment at the Institute of Slavic, East European and Eurasian Studies, University of California, Berkeley, California.
2002 Rainbow Laurel for the work towards equity.
2002 The Committee for Scientific Research, Warsaw. A 10-month grant for developing a doctoral project.
2000 Iowa International Writers Program (participation supported by the Alfred Jurzykowski Foundation) at the University of Iowa.
1997 Ministry of Culture, Warsaw. A 12-month grant for developing a collection of essays.
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